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I grew up in the times of traditional photography. I started off as a complete amateur, using probably the most undependable cameras that have ever been developed – the Russian Smena cameras. I used to print my photographs in provisional cuvettes that I would lay down on the carpet in my own room. Then came the time for the „big” photography, in the literal sense of the term. Working with large format cameras and multi-room cameras, as well as learning how to operate the first digital scanner available in my country – these were quite big challenges for that time. The experience and knowledge that I gained back then, is something I find very useful until now. By the time first computers and digital cameras appeared on the market, I already had gathered a substantial portfolio and my enthusiasm for taking photographs was even bigger.

For many years, I’ve worked as a graphic design teacher and colour management consultant. I’m pretty sure I went through all the expertise levels and I experienced all the types of photography. Starting from the work at the studio, through advertising photography, portraits, to my favourite photographic reports and documentaries. Today, after more than 20 years of holding my camera, I’m not able to count all the photos I have taken. What I know, however, is that each of my journeys, from which I bring my photographic material, is special. And thanks to these images, each of these journeys remains in my memory for a long time. I cooperate permanently with the biggest photo agency, which is , and with (International Edition), for which I write articles and photograph places all over the world.

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